Google DevFest 2010 Manila

And so I attended Google DevFest 2010 Manila 2 weeks ago (which makes this a really really late post).

DevFest events are a great opportunity to learn more about Google technologies and developer products. The events also give you a chance to meet developer advocates and engineers who work on those products and ask them any questions you might have

It wasn’t really held in Manila, but in TechnoHub, Commonwealth Avenue, UP Campus, Quezon City. It was my first time to attend an event in Technohub and also my first time to drive all the way to Quezon City.

I arrived a couple minutes late at Techportal. Perhaps it was a good thing because I didn’t have to join the hundreds of people during the registration. My estimate is that there were more than 300 developers who attended the event. I can only imagine that it was very crowded and I would’ve had to fall in a long line. I hate falling in long lines.  I missed the opening remarks and Maps API was already being discussed when I settled in my seat at the back of the conference room.

One of the highlights of the event was HTML5, which received a lot of oohs and aahs from the delighted developers. If I remember it correctly, the next part was about the Social APIs, but what caught my attention was PubSubHubbub and Salmon. PubSubHubbub provides servers near-instant notifications when a feed URL is updated. Salmon allows comments to be posted back “upstream” to its original sources. Check out the links for more info.

During the networking lunch, I was able to meet the top user, datenshi. Good thing I was wearing my shirt, so he easily recognized me and Nikki.

During the apps and demos part, the Google Devs talked about the Apps Markeplace and several volunteers gave demos about their projects that use Google technologies, including Nikki who presented the Job Board which is running on Google App Engine. The Code Labs was halted because of the poor internet connection in the conference room. It was difficult for everyone to finish the sample project when it was using the Maps API.

Google DevFest 2010 Manila

Google DevFest 2010 Manila

All in all, I think it was the best Google event I’ve attended. I’m already looking forward for the next one! Here are the relevant links from the presentations:

App Engine




Here are some links from those who attended the event:

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9 thoughts on “Google DevFest 2010 Manila

  1. Actually, it was Nikki who presented during the demo session. I was beside him cheering!

    Me, busy? Nagpapanggap lang ako nun. He he. I didn’t recognize you in the event. There were tons of developers! Maybe next time. =)

  2. I see! I seated in left side with john arce. I think its time to change my profile picture around the web I will change the dog picture so everyone will recognize me lol :)

  3. John Arce approached me after the first break, I think. He told me that you were in the crowd, but I was in a hurry to get some Krispy Kreme, which I still didn’t get because of the long line!

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