How to install AT&T Global Network Client on Fedora 16

First, download the AT&T Global Network Client from

If you try to install this using

rpm -ivh agnclient-1.0-

you will get an error similar to:

failed to install file:
agnclient-1.0- requires
agnclient-1.0- requires

To solve this error, create a symbolic link for the missing modules by executing commands similar to this as root:

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Proceed with the installation:

rpm -ivh --nodeps agnclient-compat-1.0-3.oc2.i386.rpm agnclient-1.0-

If you try to run it at this point, you will get this error:

The AT&T Global Network Client daemon (agnclientd) is not running. It must be running to create a VPN connection. Please restart your computer or manually restart the daemon.

To solve this, execute the following command as root or just restart your computer:

/etc/init.d/agnclientd start

Note: This instruction also works for Fedora 14, and 15.

5 thoughts on “How to install AT&T Global Network Client on Fedora 16

  1. I had the same issue folks; I had to link the required libs manually with ldd: ldd /opt/agns/bin/NetVPNx
    This peice of craps uses libs differently than what is informed on the rpm, but a rappidly ln work and we’re done.

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