Fix for “Aw, Snap!” when loading Twitter on Chrome on Fedora 15 with SELinux enforcing enabled

Good thing I found the fix in the Chromium issues list because I was already tempted to disable SELinux altogether.

Daniel Walsh explains:

We are trying to control what the chrome-sandbox is allowed to do, since it is setuid. The bug that you are seeing is caused by a file/directory being created in the homedir with the wrong label on it. In F15 we did not have policycoreutils-restorecond installed by default, which would have fixed the mislabeled directory. We can add this to a comps file to make sure it gets installed in the future. In F16 we have the ability to label these files/directories correctly on creation.

The quick fix is to execute the following command:

restorecon -R ~/.config

The command also solves the problem where the Xmarks Bookmarks Synchronizer and Delicious Bookmarks Extensions keeps on crashing on Chrome on Fedora 15.

Install Chromium on Fedora 11

As you may have known, Google Chrome is still only available on Windows XP/Vista.  Good thing there’s Chromium – the open-source project behind Google Chrome.  Follow these steps to install Chromium on Fedora 11:

Create a chromium.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/ and copy this info to the file:

name=Chromium Test Packages

Save the file. In your terminal, as root, type:

yum install chromium

That’s it.  It also works on Fedora 10.