Setting-up Fedora 11

Fedora 11 was released a month ago, but it’s only now that I am able to completely configure my desktop to run on top of it.  It is because I’m still happy with Fedora 10.  I’ve established my development environment and I find no need to upgrade it yet.  In any case, I’m going to upgrade my Fedora 10 installation once I’m able to fully clone my environment in my other machine.

Similar to how I configured my Fedora 10 installation, I selected both Web Development and Web Server options when asked what additional tasks I want my system to support, to make my post-installation setup easier.

I also selected the following packages during installation:

Desktop Environment

  • KDE (K Desktop Environment)


  • Fedora Eclipse
  • Java Development


  • MySQL Database
  • PostgreSQL Database

And here are my post-installation configurations:

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