Fix for “Aw, Snap!” when loading Twitter on Chrome on Fedora 15 with SELinux enforcing enabled

Good thing I found the fix in the Chromium issues list because I was already tempted to disable SELinux altogether.

Daniel Walsh explains:

We are trying to control what the chrome-sandbox is allowed to do, since it is setuid. The bug that you are seeing is caused by a file/directory being created in the homedir with the wrong label on it. In F15 we did not have policycoreutils-restorecond installed by default, which would have fixed the mislabeled directory. We can add this to a comps file to make sure it gets installed in the future. In F16 we have the ability to label these files/directories correctly on creation.

The quick fix is to execute the following command:

restorecon -R ~/.config

The command also solves the problem where the Xmarks Bookmarks Synchronizer and Delicious Bookmarks Extensions keeps on crashing on Chrome on Fedora 15.

Chrome extensions I use

Most of the Firefox plugins I’m using hasn’t been ported to Chrome yet and some are still buggy (like the Firebug for Chrome). So far, this is what I have on my Chrome installation:

What Chrome extensions do you find useful?

Firefox add-ons I actively use

It’s been a while since I posted the Firefox Add-ons that I’m using. Here’s an update:

  • Fast Video Download for downloading YouTube videos in MP4 format
  • FaviconizeTab for compressing the size of tabs to the size of a favicon by double-clicking. There’s also an option to auto-faviconize tabs depending on the URL.
  • Firebug helps me a lot with web development.
  • Page Speed for diagnosing the performance of my web projects.
  • Screengrab for saving web pages as PNG or JPEG. There’s option to save the whole page, the visible section, a selection or the whole window.
  • Tiny Menu for compressing my menu bar to give me more browsing space.
  • Xmarks for synchronizing my bookmarks between machines and browsers (since there’s also Xmarks for Chrome).
  • Echofon for Twitter.
  • Delicious Bookmarks for one-click saving of bookmarks to my Delicious account.
  • DownThemAll! for mass downloading stuff.
  • Dummy Lipsum for generating “Lorem Ipsum” dummy text.

Which Firefox add-ons do you use?