web2py Enterprise Web Framework

web2py Enterprise Web Framework is a

Free and open source full-stack enterprise framework for agile development of fast, secure and portable database-driven web-based applications. Written and programmable in Python.

web2py follows a Model View Controller design like Rails (Ruby) and CodeIgniter (PHP).  Another good thing about web2py is that it can run on the Google App Engine, which I’ve been wanting to use.

web2py doesn’t need to be installed.  Just download web2py download page.  Click the one that says source code for all platforms.  Unzip the file.  Change your location to the extracted folder.  Then type this in your terminal:

python2.5 web2py.py

You should see the web2py server dialog (see screenshot below).

Screenshot web2py server

Screenshot web2py server

You may then enter a one-time administrator password.  Clicking the start server button should open your default browser set to the administrator interface (see screenshot below).

Screenshot web2py welcome

Screenshot web2py welcome

web2py also already contains the Python interpreter, web-server and database, but you may customize it to use a different web-server or database.


What is web2py?

Try it online!

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